Subject A - Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
The problem I had at this point was a splitting of skin of the 4th toe on the left foot and general fungal infection in the toe area of the rest of the foot.

Within two days the itching stopped and the skin clolour changed to much healthier look.  Witin five days, thslpitting had healed over and there was minimal loose peeling skin left.

Based on this experience, I would thoroughly recommend Biovite's Calmagen to anyone that has had continuous problems with athletes foot.

Subject B - Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
I am grateful for your product clearing up my athlete's foot problem which has plagued me for the past 20 odd years of my adult life.  I used your cream on 2 separate occasions for only a few days at a time and the fungus has gone and has not reappeared.  To be free from fungus has been a welcome relief after having tried numerous other treatments whcih I had purchased over the counter at pharmacies only to find that such other treatments would firstly take around 5 - days of application and then within a week or so the fungus would be back and tougher than before.

It was also a relief to use your cream on broken skin and not experience the searing pain associated with other treatments which I have used.  My wife who has worked in the pharmacy industyr for 10 - 15 years was also very i9mpressed, particularly when I told her that I understood your cream is made from natural products.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending the benfits of you product.

Subject C - Sydney, NSW, Australia
Thank you for generously supplying me with your dermaceutical cream.  It is indeed an excellent product that has been most successful in the complete treatment of severe tinea which I have had to put up with for several years.

I am glad to have tried this great product.  I have not come across any other pharmaceutical preparation that has been as totally effective.

Subject D - Perth, WA,  Australia
As a trained pharmacist, I am inclined to be sceptical of the claims made for many new products.  However, my experience with Biovite's Dermaceutical Cream (Nails) supports the claims made for it by Biovite Australia Pty Ltd.  I would enthusiastically recommend its use for Candida based nail bed infections.  I have noticed no adverse effects.

Subject E - Masterton, New Zealand
I've had the fungus off & on for 10 or more years - have tried various potions - no use - pills made me feel ill and now thanks to you a miracle.  My nails are really looking so much better.  I can't thank you enough.  A pitty I did'nt have a before photo as the results are really incredible.

Podiatrist A - New York, USA
My experience with the products has been nothing less than remarkable.  Your AMYCOT cream and lotion has proven its efficacy far beyond my hopes as a topical application.  Your product is safe, easy to use and a tremendous improvement over any fungal products I have used.

Podiatrist B - Frankfurt, Germany
Under the stated considerations, the preparations are more effective than previously known medications.