Research & Development

The company has established a laboratory at its office where it undertakes a rigorous program of Research & Development.   

The program is focused on the identification and assessment of bioactives, Proof of Concept and development of products thereof.

This work will give rise to a range of biological preparations for use in the human health, animal health and in agricultural.

The intial Research & Development was focused on one of the molecules of the bioactive discovered by the company and named AMYCOT® which displayed       antifungal activity.

Following the commencement of the commercialisation of a range of topical antifungal products the company is now proceeding with Research & Development into other molecules of the bioactive AMYCOT which displayed anti-viral and anti-fungal activity.  

The Research & Development program will be on-going as it is the keystone to the company's development as a science based organisation.