Efficacy of action of the bioactive AMYCOT successfully tested against target organisms in laboratory conditions and confirmed by an independent testing laboratory in 2003.

Antifungal products utilising the bioactive AMYCOT®  developed and tested for efficacy and safety in laboratory conditions and in clinics in 2004/06.

Commercialisation of the Calmagen®  topical antifungal products commenced with shipments to a licensee in Germany in August 2005.

The Calmagen range of topical antifungal products was launched on the Australian market in November 2006.

Shipments of the Calmagen antifungal products  commenced to South Africa in July 2008. 

Shipments of the Calmagen antifungal products commenced to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in October 2009.

Shipments of the Calmagen antifungal products commenced to Taiwan in June 2010.  

The development of a range of skin care products under the brand name SkinActivé® was completed in June 2010 and commercialisation of this range is now proceeding.

The development of a range of 100% natural nutraceuticals under the brand name Biovite Boost™ is proceeding with the first  product in capsule form completed in  February 2010.  This capsule is for the strengthening of the immune system. 

Research & Development has commenced on a range of vet products for small animals.