There are a number of health practices that can contribute to maintaining healthy skin and nails especially on the feet.
Dry carefully after bathing especially between the toes. If the towel is too thick to allow you to dry between the toes adequately, use a tissue. Change your socks each day. Use the foot powder in your shoes especially during hot weather to help in the absorption of moisture, and to help eliminate odours caused by fungi.
As fungi are prevalent in the soil, use gloves and wear closed footwear, when gardening.


The biosource of this product has its origin in one of the earliest forms of plant life on our planet earth. It is a microscopic water borne single cell plant that has been used for centuries as a highly nutritious source of food containing very high levels of essential vitamins and anti-oxidants.
Tests have shown the cream and lotion stimulate the growth of the skin derived cells such as keratinocytes thus, enhancing skin, nail and hair growth. Calmagen products are non toxic, and non sensitizing.
As AMYCOT is a plant based product there may be changes in colour and smell from batch to batch. This is caused by changes in the climatic conditions during the growing period. Also, should you notice that a clear liquid appears at the top of the tube or bottle, do not be concerned , the plant material absorbs water during processing and sometimes releases some of this later. If this does occur give the tube or bottle a vigorous shake.