Biovite Australia Pty Ltd

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BIOVITE® Australia Pty Ltd is a science based biotechnology company whose activities involve the discovery, research and development, proof of concept, and commercialisation of bio-actives for use in :

Human Health
Animal Health

BIOVITE'S present activities are based upon the discovery and development of a bioactive named AMYCOT® which has applications for a variety of dermaceutical conditions of the skin in humans. AMYCOT also has applications in animal health and agriculture.
International Patents and Trade Marks are held.

BIOVITE was established in 2001 and is based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Since establishment Biovite has undertaken a rigorous program of Research and Development into the activity, efficacy and safety of its bioactive AMYCOT. The Research and Development program will be on-going as it is the keystone to the company's development as a science based organisation.

The first products launched by BIOVITE on the Australian market and overseas are the CALMAGEN® range of ANTIFUNGAL PRODUCTS for the relief or treatment of FUNGAL INFECTIONS commonly known as TINEA by topical application. These products all have a natural plant based active, are non toxic and non sensitising. They are for the treatment of all the common FUNGAL INFECTIONS such ATHLETES FOOT, MOCCASIN FOOT, RINGWORM, JOCK ITCH, FUNGAL NAIL (also known as NAIL ROT and ONYCHOMYCOSIS), CANDIDA NAIL and other FUNGAL (TINEA) INFECTIONS of the skin, hair and nails.

Further products are under development including treatments for ACNE, ROSACEA, WARTS & VERUCCAS, SKIN DAMAGE and INFLAMMATION in the human health sector. A range of products for the animal health sector is also under development. The SKINACTIVÉ® range of active SKIN CARE PRODUCTS and the BIOVITE BOOST range of SUPPLEMENTS will be launched during 2011.



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